He Died Twice

Well, here it finally is! My first novel, and I hope you will think it’s page-turning fun. Murder! Mystery! Spies! Assassins! Costume changes!

I really wanted to write a thriller with a central character that I could relate to, someone outside of the security services, but who has enough knowledge of their methods to play them at their own game.

Kate Edwards does not enjoy perfect mental health, and she has few resources to fight back with other than her friends and community, her intelligence, and her love of spy fiction. Every day she gets new shocks, and new information. Every day, she has to change her game plan and her identity to adapt to these new circumstances. Can an ordinary person evade pursuit and help to blow the whistle on rogue security agents and her own husband? And will she ever be able to stop running?

A sequel is in the planning stages….

All profits from the sale of this eBook will be donated to the Cornwall Refuge Trust, who provide shelter, advice and support to victims of domestic abuse in Cornwall www.cornwallrefugetrust.co.uk Not all of us are lucky enough to have a safe or loving home to shelter in during this lockdown.

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