I sat on a stone

and sang my song to the river

haunting and full of longing

crooning a spell-song

that binds me to her,

her to me

I hypnotise the river

and she slows down to listen

becomes dark and completely transparent

I can look deep down

and see all her treasures

exactly where they lie,

though I will never disturb them

But I like to know, to know everything

I fall silent and then

the river begins to sing her song

back to me

if mine is full of longing,

hers is full of hope

a clear, trilling melody

chorus of a million voices

it’s deceptively light

music such as faeries weave

to lift your heart and draw you on

on and on towards the sea

she lights me up with her

thousand shining eyes

part of me follows her

down to the ocean

part of me is now

tied to this spot

part of her now

lives within me

part of this place

is now mine

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