The trouble with eggs


Hey peoples, have you ever thought, “Maybe my hormones don’t ‘make me crazy’ – maybe they actually make me more honest?” I’ve always speculated that although there is no doubt that PMS makes me more sensitive and more reactive, the actual issues I may shout or cry about are REAL. I really AM pissed off that you left shit all over the floor right after I tidied up, I really AM sad that you ignored my feelings in order to dump your own all over me. In a way I am like a kid when I’m hormonal – I simply can’t maintain the normal social barriers that I usually do, and stuff leaks out.

So don’t dismiss what arises when hormones strike. Try not to yell at people if they don’t deserve it, perhaps get a hot water bottle, a large bar of chocolate/family-size crisps/several punnets of berries/bottle of wine/bong, retreat for a while and consider. What does the stuff that leaks out mean? There will be truth in it if you listen. Is it easier for everyone if we label that powerful female voice ‘crazy’, dismiss what it says as the result of hormones with no basis in reality?

One day I will write the film that this poster would advertise. It would be like a Falling Down for women with a lot of axes in it. Because I think what those hormones are really doing is releasing my inner desire to kick ‘ass’ (as the Americans say). I want to clean up the house and make it comfortable, I want to get stuff done. I’m impatient, not just temporally, but also with idiocy and interpersonal game-playing. I don’t want demands constantly made of me. I want time to retreat and take care of myself and my body. Let’s not shut ourselves up. Let’s not problematise our angry selves, our heartbroken selves, our impatient selves. We have waited too long. Harness your hormones to your service. They provide an amazing source of energy, an energy which our ancestors appreciated as fundamental to the turning of the wheel of life.

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